Thursday, June 07, 2018

Guyton Removed From Team

Coach Jinks has removed Datrin Guyton from the football team as a result of an incident that happened on May 23.  The Blade has the story and you should read it in full to get the full flavor of the allegations against Guyton.  It is worth the read.

Coach says in the story that Guyton was already on zero-tolerance based on something else, so the outcome of the case is not relevant to whether he plays football for us.

Here's the story I wrote when we found out he was coming to BG...note that the Oregon State coach seemed to vouch for Guyton as he was dismissing him from the program.

I'm always torn.  I am more or less against us taking guys who have been dismissed from other programs.  At the same time, if someone was dismissed from a program and made a decision to turn his life around, I'm a huge fan of that.

With Robbie Rhodes and Guyton, these two experiments have turned out badly, and do not reflect well on our program or our institution.

Best of luck to Mr. Guyton.  I hope he does turn his life around.

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