Sunday, June 03, 2018

Blade: Guyton arrested for robbery, suspended

So, the hill continues to get taller for BG, as the news breaks tonight that Datrin Guyton was arrested for robbery and is indefinitely suspended.  The arrest came from the Wood County Sheriff.

We don't have a lot of details right now, and the University told The Blade that they are still collecting information about the situation.  So, at this point, this is an accusation until we learn more.

Guyton was dropped from the Oregon State program for some kind of disciplinary issue, played JUCO for a year and then made his way to Bowling Green.  He was a highly ranked HS player and had clear physical ability, so he got a second chance at Bowling Green.  In this way, he is reminiscent of Robbie Rhodes, who was chased out at Baylor, played for Babers and then was dismissed by Jinks.

So, we will watch how this turns out.  However you slice it, the off-season has continued to be unkind to the Falcons.  You have to wonder how those WRs who transferred feel now that there is an opening.

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