Friday, May 18, 2018

Cam Jefferies to Graduate Transfer

The hill just gets taller for the BG Falcon football program, in particular, the defense.  As noted pretty much anywhere you look, BG had one of the nation's worst defenses last year.  One of the advantages was that there weren't a lot of seniors out there, so we were told that as the younger players matured they would turn into better players because of the playing time they received as FR when they were not ready.

We were open to that message because that's how it worked with Clawson.  Further, I think everyone was satisfied with the number of transfers at the end of the season, which was not too high.

So, the spring has been a little less welcome.  Jamari Rouse and Tyree Jackson have left from the D-line--an already stretched position--and now Cam Jefferies is leaving from the CB position....also an "area of need."  Returning CBs are just really thin.

For those keeping score, he committed in the summer of 2015 while Babers was still at BG.

Jefferies played a ton of snaps over his two years with BG and is exactly one of those guys we were hoping to see mature into a player.  (BG also lost 2 WRs in the Spring).

This one is pretty disappointing.  One note is that you will get some transfers when you completely replace the defensive coaching staff, which is why "firing everyone" is not as clear-cut a decision as it sometimes appears.

Beyond that, this is just one of the things that makes the hill more difficult climb.  Positive momentum is hard to stop and so is negative momentum.  More to come on expectations for the year, but I would advise Falcon fans to have nuanced expectations for this 2-10 team.

Best of luck to Cam.  Hope all goes well.


Ken said...

There was turnover when Urban Meyer arrived and the expectations changed. That might be one explanation for the recent defensive turnover. It might take a couple years to stabilize to newer expectations.

Orange said...

That's true. Of course, Meyer managed it without going 2-10. Then again, I think we knew Mike Jinks isn't Urban Meyer.

Anonymous said...

Jefferies’ actions indicate that he likely believes that the next couple years at BG will be very frustrating football-wise with little chance to win. I love BG but the football program is a complete wreck and Cam knows it so he’s getting out and moving on to a likely “winning” program. He knows he will not be on a winning team in his next 2 years or even close with reaching .500 a longshot. The talented can always move on and get new “work”. The marginal cannot.

joel said...

It’s impossible to know. There’s a new DC with a good amount of football credibility. Perhaps he expects more than this player wants to give or perhaps Cam thinks things will get worse than they are. We can speculate all we want, but I’m hoping for Urban example!

Anonymous said...

Cam may know more then us, but he fulfilled his commitment to BGSU and wants to move on. Most students dont graduate in only two years, so this young man is no dummy. Time to turn the page and next man is up. Turn the page and good luck to Cam another BGSU alumni!