Friday, May 11, 2018

BG Baseball Player Switches to Football

So Jordan Strack with this news.  It is interesting.  Brown was part of that Anthony Wayne team that made the run into the state semi-finals in 2016.  He was a RB on that team--really productive.  Here's a story where he had 283 rushing yards in the regional final.  He was first-team DII All-State and NLL Player of the Year.

He was also highly-decorated on the baseball field and signed at BG to play baseball.  He had only 14 ABs for the Falcon baseballers this year and had 1 hit.  He is not currently on the roster for the baseball team.

His uncle, Darren Anderson, played for the Atlanta Falcons. 

He did play both ways in HS (CB), based on his HUDL page, which listed him at 5'11" and 193 at the time.

Earlier this week, BG picked up a transfer from Urbana (Roman Sneed), also a defensive player.

BG has been looking for players on defense pretty much everywhere.  Jonah Harper, who transferred from Notre Dame College, is on the two-deep, as an example.  I guess I see both of these in that vein.


NWLB said...

Given how bad BGSU baseball is and the running betting line that says the coach retires after this weekend, maybe going to Football isn't a bad idea. I just hope the baseball team isn't at risk. The MAC can't seem to hold onto teams in some sports.

Orange said...

Good points. Baseball is in a really sad shape and I hope the same. The AD played baseball here and played for Schmitz, so that makes these decisions even more difficult. Collegiate baseball in the North is definitely in trouble. You play most of the season in terrible weather...the Big 10 also doesn't have a full roster of baseball teams. I just feel like a D1 Athletic program has a baseball team.

NWLB said...

A baseball parent was eating dinner at BWW a couple of months ago. His thought was that Moose wasn't going to fire him before win number 700. However otherwise he was basically dialing it in and the only thing holding the team together are the friendships. I suspect we'll know very soon, but the program is truly bad at the moment.