Monday, June 13, 2016

Sowder Leaves BGSU staff....

Here's a mid-June football update.  Andrew Sowder leaving BG.  He was one of two holdovers from the Babers staff, which is now done to 1 and none on the offensive side of the ball. (Babers famously told the media in Syracuse he was bringing all the "good" assistants with him).  I don't have any more insight other than what Thomas wrote.  Could be more coming out...Sowder initially came to BG in an administrative role and then moved to a coaching role for the second season.  He's a long-time Texan, but Texas is a big state and apparently just being from Texas alone is not enough.

Apparently still on the same page with Jinks is Marcus White, who was charged with assault in a student bar on May 11, now more than one month ago.  If there have been any ramifications from that beyond the administrative leave from when it happened, they have not been publicized and White is still listed on the website. (So is Sowder, for that matter).  FWIW, White has not tweeted since the incident occurred.

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