Saturday, April 30, 2016

Draft Over: Falcons Await UDFA, Lewis to Giants

So the draft is over and no Falcons were picked.

The only player I honestly expected to see drafted was Roger Lewis, who left school early, now, to be a UDFA with the New York Giants--credit here to Hustle Belt.  He wasn't picked--despite a player from the German Football League being drafted.

Matt Johnson.  I mean, what the hell.  Honestly, guy is a two-time champion, ridiculous numbers, conference player of the year.  Don't understand why somebody doesn't see something worth grabbing a shot at.  Having said that, I noticed that the Bednarik award winner for best defensive player in the country went in the last round.  Obviously, big productivity in a non-P5 conference is not the door opener that you would think.  And, sadly, predictable in its consistency.  Again, I think Johnson is worth a draft pick...but not surprised NFL teams did not.

Huettel, Hardy, Burbrink...suspect we will see some UDFAs come out in the next few hours.

Six MAC players were drafted.  Have a long look tomorrow.  In the meantime, to track UDFA and camp invites, you can follow Hustle Belt's tracker.

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