Wednesday, June 17, 2015

More Trouble for Falcon Football

The ramifications continue to spread from the May 29 fight that has already resulted in criminal charges and the suspension of Bryan Thomas, a Falcon defensive end.  Today we learned that charges were filed against WR Robbie Rhodes from the same night in what authorities believe are related incidents.  This is a little convoluted and I don't want to confuse the issue, so I recommend you read the account from the Sentinel directly.

Robbie Rhodes transferred here from Baylor after he was dismissed from the team for "multiple drug related incidents", per ESPN.

His transfer made me a little uncomfortable, as I wrote at the time.  I'm all for someone turning their life around and doing it at BG, but, as I said at the time:

I expect our program to win and to represent the University in a good light--not a perfect light, but a good light.
And as I said with the Bryan Thomas post, no one should be satisfied with the string of incidents related to our football program.

There is no word on how the charges will impact Rhodes on the football field.

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