Monday, June 15, 2015

BG Men's Basketball Verbal

BG has filled its last open men's basketball scholarship with a PG from California.  His name is Ismail Ali and he played for Antelope Valley CC in the California Community College Athletic Association.  As you can see, he's 6'1" tall.  As a sophomore he started 25 of their 29 games and had 6.3 assists per game over 2.4 turnovers.  Also, he was playing on a team that scored 83 per game, so that has to be taken into account.  He scored about 9 points per game, shooting 44% and 42% on 3FG, although they were rare.

In HS, he scored 10 PPG and had 4 assists in his senior season.  You can see here what some scouts said about him as a HS player...article also says that he had mid-major interest while in HS.

One other interesting tidbit above.  Ali will be the fifth straight PG from Antelope to play D-1 ball.  BG has two PGs back next year, but both are seniors, but Ali can help provide some transition into the next year.  Also, Joseph and Austin have both played 2-guard from time to time.

Welcome to the Falcons, Ismail.

Update:  It appears that Ismail will be the backup PG, as explained in this subsequent post.

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