Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Football Verbal: Harrison Roberts

The verbals are coming quickly now.  Harrison Roberts of Euclid, OH, is the latest.  He is the 3rd Cleveland-area defender in the group, and BG currently has recruited 4 players to go on the offensive side of the ball.  According to his local paper, he chose BG over UT and Notre Dame College (no, not that Notre Dame).

Roberts is 6'1" and 208 lbs.  He has been incredibly productive, especially for a sophomore and junior in HS.

Heading into his senior year at Euclid, Roberts has 133 tackles the past two season, 11 sacks, 20 1/2 tackles for loss and 15 quarterback hurries.
Two notes.  First, Roberts says he picked BG (over UT and Notre Dame College) because BG put an emphasis on getting a degree and had a high grade point average for the football team.  Second, Coach Clawson came in touting the State of Bowling Green but so far Coach Babers is showing real commitment to recruiting this state.

Stats are hard to translate, but I do like guys who are playmakers.  Again, you have to see the situations--which I assume our coaches did--but I like to see productive players.

Welcome to the Falcons, Harrison.

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