Thursday, June 12, 2014

Incoming Two-Sport Star Cody Callaway....

We used to have a few more two-sport players at BG.  Or so it seems.  I grew up watching Paul Miles play football and baseball and I remember Bob Niemet doing it.  As the demands have increased on athletes--especially, it seems to me, on football players--you have seen less of it.  The idea will be returning to BG this year with Cody Callaway, featured here in  He committed to BG under Coach Clawson and signed under Coach Babers.

He's not just a great football prospect, but a great baseball prospect, too.  He is a shortstop and one of the best players in the Cleveland metro area.  In fact, he's up for the player of the year for that area and was drafted in the 34th round by the Indians.

Cody will play both sports at BG, or at least that is the plan at the beginning.  Here's what he says in the article:

When I get there I’m going to put my main focus into what can I do to get to the next level in either baseball or football.
Great to have an athlete like this playing in orange and brown.  Whatever he focuses on, look forward to seeing him in our colors.

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