Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hoosier Rout: Special Teams and What's Next

Coach said BG got whipped in every phase of the game.  Not to quibble--because I admire Coach Clawson for saying things like that when his predecessor was more likely to dissemble a little bit more.

BG did have a brilliant blocked punt TD where Paul Senn took the ball right off the punter's foot and then there was a turnover on special teams.  Yes, BG missed an easy FG but Indiana flubbed an onside kick.  We will see what we end up with on Tuesday, but for now, I think the special teams were probably pretty even.

So, where do we go from here?

Coach said that at this point of the program we expect to be able to play with anyone.  So, there are moral victories and that was no moral victory yesterday.

It wasn't a conference game.  It doesn't have to matter at all.  It is an opportunity for our guys to realize that they have to play at a high level to win and they have to do it every week.  Shoot, Akron came within feet of beating Michigan today...anyway, other than some pride, not much was lost out there in terms of the team's goals.  But, the Falcons need to put everything back together again.  I believe this team is very capable and better than what they showed yesterday.  That will have to be played out on the field before it matters.

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