Thursday, July 11, 2013

Some All-Sports Rankings....

As the summer passes along, I looked back and found the Reese and Jacoby Trophy standings for the 12-13 year.  The Reese Trophy is for performance in all-sports for men, and the Jacoby is for women.

BG has struggled in these rankings over recent years, finishing last for men and 11th for women in the 11-12 year.

This year was improved, if not overwhelming.  Kent won the men's trophy for the 5th consecutive year.  BG finished 10th, up 2 spots from the year before.  Miami won the women's trophy, and BG finished 7th, up 4 spots from last year.

You could certainly sense that the teams were having a stronger season this year.  Some of the new coaches are off to good starts, and we look forward to seeing the improvement continue.

Another measure is the Learfield Sports Director's Cup.  Sponsored by the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics, it measures performance in up to 20 sports, men and women's combined.  In this ranking, BG finished 140th and 6th in the MAC.  I have no idea how that gets calculated, but another figure heading in the right direction for our athletics program.

I think this is important.  I only follow two sports, really, but we want to competitive up and down our program.  We have hard-working student athletes and we are behind them all!

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