Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Football Verbal #11

The Football team has its 11th verbal for the class of '14.  He's another Ohio boy and the first DB in this year's class...Nick Johnson of Canton Timken.  He was an all-around player who threw 81 passes, had 15 receptions and 56 carries....and that's on offense.  On defense, he had 4 INT.

The Internet tells us he is being recruited as a d-back.

He also was a highly successful player on their basketball team that made a big state tournament run and ran an 11.09 in the 100M and 22.39 in the 200M this spring.

He's nicely sized for a rising senior (6'1" and 170) but our coaches have recruited an outstanding d-backfield and this young man looks like quite an athlete.  Look forward to seeing him sign and play in orange and brown.

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