Tuesday, June 04, 2013

BG Men's Hoops to play in Cancun

Just catching up on some news from the Falcon Nation during the summer....this came out a few weeks ago.  The men's basketball team will play in the Cancun Challenge.  The tournament has eight teams.  There are two initial games in the US and then all eight teams go to Mexico to finish the tournament.  (The games BG plays in the US will be away).

What makes the tournament unique is that the floor is assembled inside a ballroom, giving a highly unique look to the whole thing.

Last year, three people mistakenly walked in looking for a realtor CLE seminar.  Or, I made that up.

The eight teams are broken into two divisions:  the Riviera Division features Old Dominion, St. Louis, West Virginia and Wisconsin and the Mayan Division will include Bowling Green, Georgia Southern, Oral Roberts and Presbyterian.

So, we're in the right division.

BGSUfalcons.com has travel info for anyone looking to spend Thanksgiving in Mexico.

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