Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Local University Fan Gets All Medieval on Dan Dakich

Here, in the Blog, "Hey look a Monkey," J Dog, a BGSU fan, is driven to distraction by these two words: "Dan Dakich."

After all the problems we decided to hit the town, we caught up with a couple of radio guys and had a good time. While sitting there I hear one of the radio guys mention he sees Dan Dakich. Poor radio guy, he did not know I'm an angry Bowling Green fan that is willing to make a fool out of himself. I taunted Dakich with everything but the kitchen sink; you suck, how many players left you, you destroyed our program, good job at Indiana, I think I even started screaming Ay Ziggy Zoomba.

Things apparently ended without arrest from there. I have two things for J Dog....

First, thanks for being a Falcon fan. The nation needs more people who will stand up and scream Ay Ziggy Zoomba, for heaven's sake. Personally, I'd let the past be the past....I mean, would you react that way to Gary Blackney? And you know, harassing a guy in public--even one who disappointed us, at least with the results--that's not cool.

Second, we so totally agree on this: Monkeys are Funny.


J Dog said...

I know I need to let the past go. I was having more fun than hatred, how often are you in a setting where you can yell at someone like that. The only time I figured out was at the Final Four.

That's not the first time I've used Ay Ziggy in a public setting. I was working the Tennessee Marshall game and we were in a bar in Knoxville and my sports reporter dared me to chant Ay Ziggy when they showed the BG Purdue highlights. I stood on a stool and started belting out Ay Ziggy Zoomba. Lets just say I got many a strange looks.

Orange said...

I love the picture of you in Knoxville singing AZZ when we beat Purdue. People are to wonder WTF that was all about!