Saturday, January 05, 2008

Reports out of Mobile

Blog posts continue to arrive from Mobile, where the big game is 24 hours away.

Jack Carle, for example, woke up not feeling well but has joined the chorus of people who have reported good eating from the Gulf Coast. He also notes that Coach Brandon is confident Brady Minturn will play well on the line, and that the team is ready to hit someone.

Note that Shane Steffy broke his leg by falling down the stairs at home over the Christmas break.

“A guy plays 12 games and doesn’t get a nick and then he goes home and falls down the stairs,” BG head coach Gregg Brandon said Friday afternoon.

Ryan of the Blade talks with a Mobile native who has served as an unofficial host to the Falcon Nation, setting up a "Falcon Bar" and the whole nine yards. He is rooting for BG because C-USA fans are "ungrateful and arrogant," a sentiment I concur with heartily. No conference suffers from bigger delusions of granduer than the new C-USA.

The football team visited the children's hospital, a de rigeur part of any bowl week. Note Kory's blog for some other updates on the trip.

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