Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ask the AD is back....

Greg Christopher is back with this week's "Ask the AD." This has turned out to be an outstanding feature. At first, I thought it would be dopey--corporate double talk written by a flack. In fact, it has turned out to be pretty revealing and honest, and consistently interesting. This has helped revive Christopher's standing in the Nation after the perceived football schedule debacle.

Here's the link.

A couple of comments.

First, the track people need to move on. It has been years, and until recently, a group called Save BG track was still meeting regularly. They may still be. Track is slowly being eliminated throughout the MAC, for Title IX reasons if no other. But, as Christopher makes clear, BG is not adding sports. In fact, his implied message is that we have a challenge just to support our existing sports at a competitive levels. It is more likely we will have fewer sports. Track is not coming back. Get over it.

Second, the scheduling stuff is always interesting. Note that he finally admits we schedule around OSU and UM--and we should.

Read and enjoy.

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