Saturday, June 04, 2005

Another loss, 4 in a row

Ok, so everyone says when you suck, you have to look to the future.

Redszone, one of the premier communities in sports, has some ideas. Here's an article from jmmclain19 on the top 30 Reds prospects, and how they are doing.

And how are they doing? Here is his post. Candidly, I'm not too enthusiastic afer reviewing this. Players who are excelling, IMO, are marked (by me) in red, and those who are not are in blue. Maybe every organization looks this way, but to me, it looks like a lot of injuries, and some guys who are not getting it done. And some of the high guys we've seen, and they don't seem to have much.

Go to the bottom, and note Phil Drumatrait and Bubba Nelson, two Jimbo firesale guys who seem to be coming along.

Reds Top 30 Prospects per Baseball America - Thru June 3rd
1. Homer Bailey - RHP
Lo A: 30.1IP, 24H, 10ER, 16BB, 43K, 131TBF, 2.97ERA, 1.32WHIP
2. Edwin Encarnacion - 3B
AAA: 189AB, 52H, 8HR, 90TB, 23BB, 41K, 5/7SB, .275AVG/.353OBP/.476SLG
3. Richie Gardner - RHP
AA: 49.2IP, 67H, 35ER, 17BB, 38K, 230TBF, 6.34ERA, 1.69WHIP
4. Joey Votto - 1B
Hi A: 173AB, 43H, 7HR, 73TB, 22BB, 55K, 3/3SB, .249AVG/.333OBP/.422SLG
5. B.J. Szymanski - OF
Lo A: 16AB, 4H, 0HR, 5TB, 2BB, 3K, 0/0SB, .250AVG/.333OBP/.313SLG
6. Thomas Pauly - RHP
7. Todd Coffey - RHP
AAA: 8.2IP, 8H, 5ER, 2BB, 5K, 5.19ERA, 1.15WHIP
MLB: 14.0IP, 20H, 10ER, 2BB, 9K, 6.43ERA, 1.57WHIP
8. William Bergolla - 2B
AAA: 132AB, 43H, 2HR, 61TB, 5BB, 8K, 4/5SB, .326AVG/.350OBP/.462SLG
MLB: 35AB, 5H, 0HR, 5TB, 0BB, 9K, 0/0SB, .143AVG/.143OBP/.143SLG
9. Tyler Pelland - LHP
Hi A: 37.1IP, 41H, 17ER, 20BB, 49K, 168TBF, 4.10ERA, 1.63WHIP
10. Paul Janish - SS
Lo A: 203AB, 49H, 4HR, 75TB, 27BB, 38K, 5/7SB, .241AVG/.339OBP/.369SLG
11. Elizardo Ramirez - RHP
AAA: 38.0IP, 41H, 14ER, 5BB, 27K, 3.32ERA, 1.21WHIP
MLB: 18.2IP, 25H, 14ER, 8BB, 9K, 6.75ERA, 1.77WHIP
12. Chris Dickerson - OF
Hi A: 164AB, 45H, 7HR, 77TB, 27BB, 46K, 8/9SB, .274AVG/.378OBP/.470SLG
13. David Shafer - RHP (He would have been Red until he was called up to AA).
Hi A: 11.2IP, 7H, 0ER, 2BB, 16K, 46TBF, 0.00ERA, 0.60WHIP
AA: 9.2IP, 10H, 8ER, 11BB, 11K, 50TBF, 7.45ERA, 2.17WHIP
14. Kevin Howard - 2B
AA: 178AB, 46H, 4HR, 63TB, 18BB, 26K, 6/9SB, .258AVG/.337OBP/.354SLG
15. Ben Kozlowski - LHP
AA: 57.1IP, 68H, 25ER, 16BB, 45K, 251TBF, 3.92ERA, 1.47WHIP
16. Miguel Perez - C
Hi A: 133AB, 38H, 0HR, 46TB, 6BB, 31K, 4/4SB, .286AVG/.317OBP/.346SLG
17. Javon Moran - OF
Hi A: 46AB, 16H, 0HR, 18TB, 3BB, 3K, 2/3SB, .348AVG/.385OBP/.391SLG
18. Steve Kelly - RHP
AAA: 64.2IP, 58H, 22ER, 21BB, 44K, 267TBF, 3.06ERA, 1.22WHIP
19. Dane Sardinha - C
AAA: 138AB, 30H, 2HR, 41TB, 6BB, 36K, 0/0SB, .217AVG/.268OBP/.297SLG
20. Rafael Gonzalez - RHP
Lo A: 26.0IP, 24H, 27ER, 24BB, 22K, 123BF, 9.35ERA, 1.85WHIP
21. Daylan Childress - LHP
No longer a Red - Claimed off waivers by Minnesota
22. Chris Denorfia - OF (with a bullett, at least for now).
AA: 188AB, 62H, 7HR, 106TB, 17BB, 38K, 4/7SB, .330AVG/.391OBP/.564SLG
AAA: 25AB, 7H, 0HR, 8TB, 3BB, 7K, 2/3SB, .280AVG/.357OBP/.320SLG
23. Anderson Machado - SS
24. Jesse Gutierrez - 1B
AA: 100AB, 31H, 4HR, 53TB, 8BB, 20K, 0/0SB, .310AVG/.360OBP/.530SLG
Injured – Out for season[/i][/b]
25. Chris Gruler - RHP
26. Calvin Medlock - RHP
Hi A: 44.0IP, 42H, 20ER, 14BB, 35K, 183TBF, 4.09ERA, 1.27WHIP
27. Carlos Guevara - RHP
Hi A: 20.0IP, 16H, 7ER, 8BB, 26K, 86TBF, 3.15ERA, 1.20WHIP
28. Matt Belisle - RHP
Cincinnati: 19.0IP, 25H, 13ER, 6BB, 16K, 86TBF, 6.16ERA, 1.63WHIP
29. Stephen Smitherman – OF
AA: 38AB, 7H, 1HR, 13TB, 2BB, 13K, 0/0SB, .184AVG/.225OBP/.342SLG
AAA: 141AB, 35H, 1HR, 47TB, 5BB, 34K, 1/1SB, .248AVG/.272OBP/.333SLG
30. Craig Tatum - C
Lo A: 128AB, 24H, 1HR, 36TB, 10BB, 19K, 2/2SB, .163AVG/.189OBP/.204SLG
-Injured – Out for Season

Other notables

Kenny Kelly – OF
AAA: 189AB, 63H, 3HR, 83TB, 17BB, 44K, 13/17SB, .333AVG/.388OBP/.439SLG
Chris Booker – RHP
AAA: 24.0IP, 12H, 5ER, 13BB, 31K, 96TBF, 1.88ERA, 1.04WHIP
Phil Dumatrait – LHP
AA: 40.0IP, 38H, 13R, 18BB, 32K, 178TBF, 2.93ERA, 1.40WHIP
Ryan Hanigan – C
AA: 97AB, 30H, 2HR, 41TB, 6BB, 22K, 1/1SB, .309AVG/.362OBP/.423SLG
Lance Caraccioli – LHP
AA: 58.1P, 53H, 24ER, 28BB, 52K, 252TBF, 3.70ERA, 1.39WHIP
Bubba Nelson – RHP
AA: 27.1IP, 29H, 12ER, 9BB, 35K, 122TBF, 3.95ERA, 1.39WHIP
Norris Hopper – OF
AA: 185AB, 66H, 1HR, 79TB, 14BB, 12K, 16/19SB, .357AVG/.408OBP/.427SLG
Kyle Edens - P
Hi A: 36.2IP, 41H, 16ER, 12BB, 31K, 161TBF, 3.93ERA, 1.45WHIP
Bobby Basham - RHP
Hi A: 34.1IP, 41H, 16ER, 4BB, 24K, 141TBF, 4.19ERA, 1.31WHIP
Jeremiah Piepkorn – 3B
Lo A: 97AB, 32H, 4HR, 57TB, 7BB, 10K, 0/1SB, .330AVG/.394OBP, .588SLG
Phillippe Valiquette – LHP
Lo A: 36.0IP, 37H, 19ER, 25BB, 29K, 167TBF, 4.75ERA, 1.72WHIP
Brad Morenko – P
Lo A: 51.0IP, 52H, 13ER, 9BB, 27K, 217TBF, 2.29ERA, 1.20WHIP
Blake Hendley – RHP
Lo A: 28.0IP, 14H, 4ER, 5BB, 28K, 101TBF, 1.29ERA, 0.68WHIP

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