Thursday, May 19, 2005

What would I do?

So, if Miley's doing a poor job, what, exactly, would I do differently. Let's see.

  1. When WMP comes back it would be Pena, Griffey, Kearns and Dunn (1b). Casey would get a rare platoon at bat.
  2. Lopez would be the everyday SS. Aurilia would have to go.
  3. I would start Freel at 2B every day. Jiminez would become this team's Juan Castro. He can play 3B for Randa if he gets hot.
  4. I would use the following batting order and rotation.:
  1. Freel
  2. Lopez
  3. Griffey
  4. Dunn
  5. Pena
  6. Kearns
  7. Randa
  8. LaRue
  9. Pitcher
5. And rotation

  1. Harang
  2. Ortiz
  3. Ramirez
  4. Claussen
  5. Milton

6. Paul Wilson should pitch long-relief until he comes around. I think he's injured. If he is, he should be shelved.

7. Ryan Wagner should close, with Mercker in set up. Graves should be relegated to spot work.

8. I also recommend pruning the suck boys from the 40-man roster so we can start to work some of the young talent without having to worry about who is on the roster.

There. 8 simples changes that can be made today that will make the team better. Notice we aren't eating any contracts, and we're not cutting any starters. Just putting the right guys in the right places.

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