Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Another Reds Defeat, Swept by Mets

Its certainly hard to feel any real optimism about this team. I've been on the boards more lately than normal (misery loves company), and its just saddening. For example:

Leading the NL in K's.
Austin Kearns is awful.
Sean Casey is back at his absolute worst.
Paul Wilson is an embarassment.
Eric Milton is an embarassment.
Danny Graves is an embarassment.

I'm not sure Dave Miley isn't an embarrsment, either. I was a big Miley fan at first, but I don't understand why it has to be explained to him that Freel has to be in the game, and Jiminez and Casey should sit to make that happen. I don't know why he can't see that Dunn has to play, not Casey. I don't know why that isn't obvious.

It should be. He's a major leaguer.

I don't think this team is going to lose 100 games, but every day I come closer to thinking it could happen.

And there's no reason for it. The cupboard isn't completely bare. Decisions--choices this team made--have left us where we are. And its a crying shame.

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