Monday, October 11, 2004

Lions are Road Beasts

Win Second Straight Road Game, First against Winning team

I think all Lions fans have to be, for perhaps the first time, actually encouraged by a result. The win over Chicago was fine, but we played very badly, and we beat a poor Houston team again not playing well. But the win yesterday was one where we actually played pretty well. No major errors, decent running, solid passing, and a solid defense against Michael Vick. And on the road.

I thought we covered well, even without Bly, we got pressure for the first time this season, and I thought the LBs covered Vick scrambling. We had a good game plan, played within ourselves, and won the game.

Best of all, Roy Williams is not seriously hurt and might play against the Packers--who are ripe for the picking @ Ford Field this week, coming off a Monday night. Gotta believe we could win again.

And this is without Kevin Jones. Healthy, this team has a chance--a chance--at a wild card run. The biggest downside I see is that our schedule, especially with the Giants, has gotten a little tougher than it looked at the beginning. But if we 4-1 with two division wins, we have to be taken seriously.

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