Saturday, October 23, 2004

Falcons Stomp Bobcats

BG crushed OU today. We went down to the game and just got home. A few impressions.

*Omar's numbers were great, and the scary thing is that with a couple of more accurate throws, they could have been historic. OU was supposed to have a hot D, but he picked them apart.

*Love the weird formation at the beginning. Don't know what it accomplished.

*OU band was awesome. Only difference between OU and BG of the Blackney era is the fans in Athens leave right after the halftime show, not before it. "Play the funky music" with the alumni band was awesome.

*Hocking valley is lovely in Fall, and the campus is spectacular. Its their bicentennial.

*Coach Knorr said on the post-game show he wanted to make us one-dimensional--ie stop the run. I can't understand this. If you sell out to stop the run, we will pick you apart. What you have to be able to do is stop the run with your base D.

*Our seats were right over the door to the Falcon locker room. On the way into the locker room at the half, Stud was absolutely ripping Rob Warren. "You're getting the sh*t kicked out of you on every play." He repeated this several times. Actually, when he is POed, his voice gets all squeaky. It was kind of funny.

*Great FG for Shawn Suisham. I was very critical of Shawn last year, but he has been money this year (FG and Kos), and the 52 yarder was awesome.

*OU tackled better than we did.

*OU failed to run for 100 yards, even if you add back the sacks and the 15 they lost on the punt over the QB's head.

*Hawk missed some wide open passes when the right play was called, and he just didn't convert. Its been a long time at BG since we have had a QB who doesn't hit the wide open guy almost every time. He came close to having more receiving yards (29) than passing yards (45).

*Cole is still not entirely healthy. He was limping heading into the locker room at the half.

*Give OU credit for the punt block and the onside kick, and give our guys credit for nipping it in the bud.

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