Sunday, August 08, 2004

Reds Trendline...or what a difference 30 games makes

Wasn't so long ago that I noted here that the Reds were making progress, just not as quickly as it seemed. I guess I got caught up in the same euphoria everyone else did, but its clear that the nagging sense we had from the pythag was right--it was unsustainable. Injuries only made it worse. Simply put, this team's pitching is worse than last year's pitching, as it stands today. No point in making a big fuss about it, but the new guys who came in are worse than the abysmal pitching of last year. Way too many hits and homers, and not enough K's to cancel it out. Still, only four under .500, a break-even season is within reach with a healthy August-September, and that's a good year for this team. (By the by, Reds are now +7 on their pythag...)

BB/9 (2003--3.67 2004--3.32 NL Avg--3.42) (Note, this has steadily risen all year)
K/9 (2003--5.80 2004--5.98 NL Avg--6.54) (Falling...)
H/9 (2003--9.82 2004--10.08 NL Avg--8.96) (Ouch)
ERA (2003--5.09 2004--5.20 NL Avg--4.27)
K/bb (2003--1.58 2004--1.80 NL Avg--1.91)
hr/9 (2003--1.30 2004--1.39 NL Avg--1.07)
e/game (2003--0.87 2004--0.69)

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