Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Future of The Lions

If we got a look at the future of the Lions last night, then I think its promising.Very promising. I think we all forgot how talented Rogers is. The offenselastnight was very exciting. Joey was accurate, Pinner had a nice catch,andRogers ate up the Steeler secondary. At the very least, this year'steamshould score points and be exciting. Formal predictions later, butI am thinking.500, health-depending.

The defense needs some work,but the top CBswere out, and we do need those guys. Also, LB was hurt withBailey out, andwill probably remain a weak point. The Killer has talkedabout Redding playingpoorly, but I thought he had a great game last night. On the other hand,Kalimba made a play or two, but I don't think he reallyshined in what wasbilled as a chance for him to show his stuff. Could henot make the roster?

Anyway, we beat Pitt last year in the exhibition season, so it may not mean anything. But it was encouraging.

Two things. Formal 53 man call will come later this week, but Kircus will beat Anderson out.

Lastly, Joey is going to be a Pro Bowl QB in his career, and often.

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