Saturday, June 12, 2004

Well, you can see what a difference a week makes.

We pull out some guys we probably should have lost to the Expos, and then go to Oakland, knowing it will be tough...Zito, Mulder, and us bring on the Bong.

But not that tough.

Then, the tables turn, and its our turn to lose a couple of games we probably should have won at the Jake.

Depressing. Both of them. And MUCH worse than getting drilled in Oakland, IMO.

I actually was in attendance Friday at the Jake. Some thoughts on games 1-2.

With our injuries right now, our line up is outright weak. LaRue batted second. Freel has become a liability (see Reds Daily). Lopez isn't hitting. Jiminez isn't hitting. Larson looks completely lost. The starting 8 this weekend was outright poor.

Note the offense going to sleep on both nights.

The bullpen clearly let the club down. You take 5-2 leads into the 7th twice, you should win twice. Or at least once.

Plus, both Friday in the 11th, and Saturday in the 8th, the damage was done with no one on and two outs. In that situation, teams should average .12 runs or so. In other words, they should almost never score.

Before the game Saturday, I wondered to my wife why we didn't have Graves pitched the 11th on Friday. He says he likes work. Tonight I have dropped that line on inquiry.

We almost saw history Friday. Junior just missed leaving the yard twice. It would have been cool.

The atmosphere was fun. Plenty of Reds fans, and it was fun between the two groups. Everybody enjoying a good game and the rivalry. No one acting like a jerk.

Actually, it was a close game. It was very poorly played. Lots of errors and walks.

We gotta get this turned around. The Cardinals come in next weekend. I know how unlikely it is, but if we are too hang around in contention, we've got to stay in touch.

Best restaurant in Cleveland--Mallorca! On E.9th. Paella is awesome, as is the Shrimp Malloran.

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