Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Signing Day Part Two

So, it's done.  BG is bringing in 31 players, which is a huge class.  I know the limit is 25...Coach didn't address how it worked out.  I have read that early enrollees can count in the previous class if there were slots open and we only reported 20 on signing day last year--but also added Wade and McDonald after that.  Anyway, who knows.  We have 31 guys coming in and it will all be clear in the end.

BG added four guys.  Most of the news is something we already looked at when they committed.  The one that is interesting is Charles Rosser, the WR from Benedictine in Cleveland.  Coach said with his size and athleticism he could end up at WR, TE or even LB, depending on where they think he fits.

Coach said the focus of this class was QB, OL and DL.  He says those are the toughest positions to recruit and the ones where the developmental time is the longest. gotta be strong up front and at QB to have a shot at winning.

He says that next year, there will still be a focus on the players upfront but more effort will also be put into skill players.

BG will still be short on numbers this year, but expects to be at or near 85 for 2021, which Loeffler says is a year ahead of schedule if it happens.

BG has a long way to go.  It will take more than one good class to get us where we need to be.  Having said that, you can't get two until you get one.  This class had to be good.

Was it?  It certainly appears so, as the #2 class in the MAC.  That has to be proven out on the field, but for now I do feel like we've taken a first step to getting back where we want to be.

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