Friday, August 30, 2019

Sweet Victory!

And sweet victory it is.

I heard Urban say last year at OSU that the last thing he would ever do is apologize for winning.

And we shouldn't either.

Yes, Morgan State was badly outmanned.  That's an FCS team and the differences between FBS and FCS were clearly on display.

At the same time, this is the first time since Dino left that BG has done what they are supposed to do with an FCS team and that's beat them handily, especially on your home field. 

That's not nothing.  We will 100% take it.

BG was dominant on both sides of the ball.  BG outgained the Bears 620-70.  Morgan State made 4 first downs and one was on a penalty.  The Bears completed only 3 passes.  Meanwhile, BG ran and passed its way through their defense.

No need for the usual stats rundown...I'm sure they will look like you'd expect.

First, we got a good look at the pro offense.  Like any offense, when it clicks it is a nice thing to watch.  It looks funny to only see two WRs out there, I can't lie.  But, BG controlled the line of scrimmage pretty easily and did find the TEs open.  Morris was certainly dangerous out of that set.  All of BG's running backs did well.

Second, I thought it was interesting that BG lined up both Clair and Denley (more Denley) as a WR in non-empty sets.  I suspect of it being a case of getting your best players onto the field as much as possible, but Denley was a threat running and catching.

Third, you had to be impressed with Darius Wade.  For a guy who hasn't played in a couple years, he really delivered for BG.  As Coach mentioned after the game, he missed some open throws but he also made a bunch of them.  He seemed to have good pocket presence and the ability to run, although he scared me to death every time he did.  I think they kept him in situations where he was positioned to succeed.

Coach Loeffler even called himself out for a mistake.  With about two minutes left in the half, BG was on its on 22 with a 3rd and 4.  In complementary football, BG would have run or called what Loeffler said would be a "controlled" pass to move the chains, maybe kill the clock and at least protect field position.  Instead, BG got greedy, took a sack, shanked a punt and then had an illegal formation penalty, leaving MSU starting at the BG 30.  They got a FG off that...their only points of the game.

Coach said he heard Addazio's voice in his head saying "protect the damn defense."

Anyway, it was a good way to start, if only by beating a team you should beat.  Gets tougher from here.

Last thing.  Happy for the guys.  They had a demanding time over the spring and summer and I'm glad they got a reward for it.  They're giving it all they have.

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Paul said...

They dis what they were, supposed ro do and they dis it well. Nice job.