Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Briggs on Huger

So, David Briggs has a nice column about Coach Huger today...kind of laying out his view that it is now or never for Huger.

Certainly, I think everyone felt like it was time to start seeing some things moving forward.  In a fourth season, you wanted to see the team be at least competitive...and, as Briggs notes, that isn't what it looked like after Cleveland State blew the Falcons out earlier in the year.

I'm certainly not looking for Huger to go.  The last thing we need to do is reboot again.  Best thing for the program is for Huger to deliver a program that competes every year.  Having said that, you can only move forward with that plan credibly if you are getting some proof of performance.

The last two games are certainly nice payments on that promise, but the deal is not done yet.

One quibble with Briggs.  He refers to the Chris Kingston "reign of error" which is funny, but I'm not sure it's fair as it goes for the Huger 6-year deal.  Most deals are 5 years, I understand that.  But whcn Huger came in, the program was in peril.  You didn't know how many guys you were bringing back and it was possible that it might be next to none of them.  Like, the 2010 4-28 UT season was in reach for the next year.

Given that, I think it can be argued that you give Huger that year in addition, because at the time he was standing at the podium, he could well have been inheriting an empty locker room.

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