Friday, August 03, 2018

Roster and Depth Chart Are Out

Nothing like seeing something in black and white.  The BG roster and depth chart are out and I think it points up why it is rational to think this team is going to be 5th in the East.  On paper, I'm not sure we aren't worse than in 2016, but that's going to play itself out on the field.

First, I looked at the roster and a couple of the expected players are not listed, which doesn't always mean anything.  We can let that play out for a while and see who hits the field at Oregon.  (Update: two players from the December class--Onyx Smith and Devin Ruffin--are not here for camp).

Second, though...the depth chart.  Man, I'll tell you something, on paper it looks pretty rough.  I don't see the team practice so I don't know what's going on out there, but I will say that the two-deep is peppered with guys who have never performed at the level they are being placed in.  Maybe they can, but there are a lot of unknowns.

Looking at it, you can see why Coach was calling out the O-line, because it is the most proven of probably any position group on the field.

Just to run through it:

Obviously, the staff likes Doege and there appeared to be a lot to like last year in his short trial.  However, it is thin behind him.

Similarly, Andrew Clair is a quality player, but the #2 RB has been here three years and never stepped onto the field.

And at WR, where Coach said last year you need 8 playable guys, BG has one proven performer, one guy with 7 starts...but also a True FR, a JUCO and a transfer from UC who DNP last year.  (Quintin Morris will be a key.  He had injuries last year but is considered to have high upside).

The TE is a converted defensive player and then a JUCO QB.

Overall, the offense has only 2 players with 10+ starts.

On defense, the story is very similar.  Pelini has an excellent opportunity to show the difference he can make here.

For example, on the DL, where deep rotations are common, you have Roland Walder at DE who was supposed to be a LB, a late JUCO player, a starting DE who started his career at Notre Dame College, etc.  Beyond Konowalski, the D-L has 7 starts in the remainder of the rotation.  Brian Sanders--who has played--is not listed.

At LB, we have a Rhode Island transfer backing up, a JUCO starter and only five unique players listed period--Brandon Harris is listed as a starter and a backup.

The DBs are all familiar names, but collectively show no proven big playmakers.  Jamari Bozeman is still recovering from his injury and is not listed.

Finally, the K and P are both question marks.

Well, as the Coaches always say, this is who we have.  Again, I don't see them practice, so maybe they aren't as big unknowns as I fear.  The early part of BG's schedule is tough.  Going to be interesting...we'll hope the turnaround is in the cards.

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