Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Jinks on Media Day

Coach Jinks took a few minutes to talk to Todd Walker at Media Day in Detroit.  Normally, these things don't yield much except Coachspeak, but there were a couple items that I thought were most of interest.

Ok, three.

First, he says that Doege is now playing at over 200 pounds, which is a good sign for a young man who was light last year and a little fragile.  His health is paramount...we don't show a ton of depth at WR.  Andrew Clair is similarly matured and Coach thinks he could take 22-25 carries per game.

Second, he said the o-line will be one of the strengths of the team.  If true, that's a huge step forward for the team.  He said you wouldn't recognize some of the players due to their size gains since last year.  Anyway, o-line on paper is a concern, but if these guys are jelling, then they have the potential to be good for a while.  Coach thinks he could go 10 deep.

Third, he called Carl Pellini "one of the great defensive minds in the country" and he has said that before.  Went through the whole lineage.  If he can grind any kind of productivity out of the unit--like, keeping MAC scoring under 30 points, even as BG plays OU, Toledo, etc--BG has a shot to be competitive.

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