Monday, January 08, 2018

How Football Looks as Classes Begin

So John Wagner has the goods on the football team as Spring classes started back up at BG today.  You should head over and check the story out and then come back here and I will have some comments.

A few things.

First, for all the drama right as the season ended, BG did not end up (at least yet) with a lot of transfers or players leaving the program, even after the 2-10 season.  That's to the credit of our Coaching staff, who have done a good job at recruiting and retaining players.

Second, four players are in early.  Bryce Veasley is notable.  With Morgan and Cunningham leaving the program, there is no clear all-down backup, and you have to guess that by opening day Veasley will be #2 on the depth chart, with a hope they can redshirt him.

There's a kicker in town, which is good because Suder is a Sr.  No idea of Nate Needham is the answer, but he's in early as a JUCO transfer.

Also, the new punter and a JUCO LB are in, both guys who you would think will contribute this year.

Beyond that, if there are any other guys who left, I have not heard about them.

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