Sunday, November 05, 2017

Past and Future Opponent Land

Michigan State (7-2)  Beat Penn State.  Dude can coach.
South Dakota (7-2) Lost to Northern Iowa.  Turned ball over on 3 straight 4th Q possessions.
Northwestern (6-3) Beat Nebraska
Middle Tennessee (4-5) Beat UTEP on Stockstill's return.
Akron (5-4)  Idle
Miami (3-6) Lost to OU
Ohio (7-2) Beat Miami
NIU (6-3)  Lost to Toledo
UB (3-6) Idle
UT  (8-1) Beat NIU, finally.
EMU (3-6) Destroyed Ball State


FBS:  11-26
P5:  4-17
FCS:  10-1

West vs. East.  6-4 West


joel said...

So if we win 2 of final 3 do we believe there was some progress? If we win 1 of 3 no progress and 3 of 3 decent progress?
Buffalo needs to be a win. Beat Toledo and the W gets an extra check and EMU may be the one if the best 3-6 teams in the country. I think we beat Buffalo and lose last two and real apathy settles in. That's my fearful prediction. Win 2 and I'll be back next season.

Orange said...

Beat Toledo under any circumstances and I think we end on a high note. Winning 2 out of 3 would give us the same record as last year and assuming the win isn't over Toledo, to me that just shows we weren't worse than last year.