Wednesday, July 23, 2014

MAC Media Poll Released--Falcons Favorite to Win it All

So here it is, Falcon fans.  We lived through the 2-10 season, survived that awful finale at the Doyt against WMU, won the MAC Championship last year and now...the Falcons begin the season as the favorite to win the conference again.

That's a great testament to the program Coach Clawson built and the excitement and confidence people have in the choice of Coach Babers.  We are 100% where we wanted to be when we were orange popsicles watching WMU taking a 27-0 halftime lead and beat us 41-7 on our own field.

So, let's enjoy it.  It is always a good time to be a Falcon fan, and that's really true now.

Being the favorite is not the same thing as winning and being the favorite carries its own burden, but let's enjoy it.  Going to be an exciting year.

The Media went with relatively conventional picks.  Like the bloggers, they have Ball State 3rd in the West.  They have UT and NIU essentially very close, though the media agrees with me that UT will win the West.  They take the part line on OU, while bloggers see them falling behind Buffalo.

Anyway, it is all conjecture, we will catch up later and see how it turned out.  There should be more coverage later today and if anyone says anything interesting (which is doubtful), I will pass it along.

Team (First Place Votes) Points

MAC East Division
1. Bowling Green (18) 144
2. Akron (3) 114
3. Ohio 107
4. Buffalo 87
5. Kent State 72
6. Miami 43
7. UMass 23

MAC West Division
1. Toledo (11) 114
2. Northern Illinois (8) 110
3. Ball State 82
4. Central Michigan (2) 67
5. Western Michigan 44
6. Eastern Michigan 24

2014 Marathon MAC Championship Game Winner: Bowling Green 11; Toledo 6; Central Michigan 2; Northern Illinois 1; Akron 1.

Update:  The MAC Bloggersphere is pointing out--rightly--that none of us picked CMU to finish first in the West.  These people should be revealed and shunned forever.

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