Friday, May 09, 2014

MAC Draft Day Update...

The MAC had two players go in the first round, which by all accounts is a good day at the office.  They are both going to the Bay Area...Mack at #5 to the Raiders and Ward and #30 to the 49ers.  The last time the MAC had two players picked in the first round was 10 years ago (Rothlisberger and Jason Babin).

The Mack thing was pretty funny.  He was part of a big argument among the ESPN team about the #1 pick...Ray Lewis wanted them to pick Mack, Gruden wanted every team to pick Manziel, and the ever humorless Mel Kiper wanted Clowney.  I thought Gruden was going to pop Kiper.

Anyway, Mack went #5. He's a first round pick.  He played on the line a lot, so I think people are projecting his productivity to the LB position, and he didn't really play there.  I'm not saying he isn't a first round pick but I do think that #5 was an aggressive place to pick him.  And I wouldn't have wanted my team to pick him over Clowney.

Ward went to the 49ers.  That is an excellent place for him.  Good defensive coach and a good system...he's a really solid player.  There was talk of moving him to CB in the NFL and maybe playing him at nickel right out of the gate.

So, two MAC warriors are going to get paid and are going to get their shot in the NFL as first round picks.  Congrats!

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