Saturday, April 05, 2014

Spring Game Report

So, the Spring Game was played today under Sunny skies.  It was chilly, but frankly we have had much worse weather in the past..especially for a game this early.  The wind was was actually a very enjoyable day to be at the Doyt.  I missed the first few minutes thanks to a traffic jam on 475 (#falconstop), but what I saw was fun.

It was our first time to get a look at the Dino Babers #Falconfast paradigm in the Stadium.  It was very interesting...we seemed to have two fast and just fast.  Anyway, in a Q&A format, here are some impressions.

Q:  What did it look like overall?

A:  Overall, the 1s were matched against the 2s and the 1s won and it wasn't close.  You wouldn't expect it to be and you'd worry if it didn't end up that way, so I am pleased to report that the 1s had their day.

Q:  Coach Babers said that all the positions were open.  Do you think Johnson is the 1QB.

A:  In Falconfast parlance:  "Come on, now."

Q:   How did the defense look

A:   Thought the #1 Defense looked good, given the players they lost and without Gabe Martin.  Solid tackling, strong coverage..again, playing against the #2, but they dominated the #2.  Forced turnovers, 4th down stops.  Nice day.

Q:  How about WR?

A:  Not going to be a problem.  Gehrig Dieter shredded the #2 DBs and Roger Lewis made nice catches.  Redding and Cobe also contributed, as did Burbrink and Jackson.  Going to be deep and talented.  (Note:  Moore,  Cohen and Gallon injured and DNP but expected back).

Q:   Can William Houston play in the Babers offense.

A:   Yes.  OK?  Relax.  He got a number of carries, chewed Adjei-Barimah up on one carry.  We even have a "power set" which includes a blocker in the backfield.

Q:  How did the RBs look?

A:  Good.  Greene and Houston got a lot of work, but Brandon English scored and Givens and Harrell got carries. Coppet was a DNP due to injury.  I believe we have depth at RB.

Q:  Any other surprises?

A:  Former QB Austin Valdez is now a LB and had a sack and tackled Houston.

Q:  How fast was it, really?

A:  We ran 69 plays in the first quarter...that's BOTH offenses, and without special get the idea.  Still, you could get 100 plays in a regulation game at that pace.

Q:  Anything go wrong?

A:  I think we had more turnovers then we'd like to see.  We had a few false starts and trouble inside the 5 one time...something Falcon fans remember from our previous days with the spread offense.  I don't think any QB but Johnson played well.  There was probably more pass rush on Johnson than you would like to see.

Also....we have a guy named Zappa.  Which makes me happy.


joel said...

I just wish Zappa was a linebacker or DE.

Ay-Ziggy-Zoomba, you got Zappa'd!

Orange said...

That would be awesome...would not be the same with a pancake block.

Orange said...

His name is Geno, BTW. From Sandusky.