Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Watch Lists"

We don't do much with watch lists in these parts.  You know, they just name a bunch of people onto the lists   so that the schools put them onto their websites and then it generates traffic and interest in the awards and then...well I don't know what then.  The whole thing is a mystery to me.  They are watch lists....I can confirm...they are lists...but I'm not sure anyone is really watching.

Anyway, BG has four guys right now on watch lists.  And not that they aren't good players, and it is an honor.  And, yeah, I know Freddie Barnes was a finalist for the Biletnikoff Award.  When he set the all-time catches record, and, you know, lost to a BCS dude.

You know what I mean.

Rotary Lombardi:  Chris Jones and Dwayne Woods.  (This award is for the top lineman or defensive lineman).

Bronco Nagurski:  Dwayne Woods (this one is just for the top LB.  Sorry Chris).

Ray Guy:  Brian Schmeidebusch, who is the Falcon with the best shot at a NFL career.

John Mackey:  Alex Bayer.

So you might ask, why did I post this if I think it is stupid.  Answer:  same reason everyone else did, which is that it is summer and there's nothing else going on.

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