Friday, May 16, 2008

Losing GMAC?

Storm clouds approach on the bowl game front. Just as the MAC added what could be a conditional fourth bowl game (The Congressional), there is now word that the GMAC may be looking to add a new conference tie-in, possibly to replace the MAC.

The next GMAC game is the last with the MAC-CUSA tie in, and the GMAC is exploring its options and will "probably make a change." You can't blame them, really. If they can upgrade to a higher ranked conference, than all the more credit to them. That community really supports that bowl, and they deserve whatever they can get. They are upgrading the stadium, in fact, at City expense.

It would be bad for our conference, however. The GMAC is probably our best bowl tie-in, and if we lose it that would be too bad. You get a true bowl experience there--lots of activities and first class treatment. Here's an interesting little tidbit, by the way...

The GMAC Bowl nearly pulled an SEC team through a loophole in its contract with the MAC last year. That clause allowed the game to choose an SEC team that went 7-5 and was not selected to fill one of the league's tie-ins. Steve Spurrier's South Carolina squad was 6-6 and not invited to a bowl game. An appeal to the NCAA to waive the 7-5 requirement was rejected, so the GMAC Bowl was unable to invite the Gamecocks to town with their legendary coach and legions of traveling fans.

So, we might well have not ended up there after all. Well, this all has to play itself out, but I think the GMAC is the first choice of our players and coaches, and being left with Motor City and International as our bowl tie-ins would diminish the overall offering.

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