Friday, February 22, 2008

Of all the things you did not think you would see.....

Well, I think when Dan Dakich exited stage left from Anderson Arena last March, one thing we didn't expect to see was him coaching Indiana--even on an interim basis--the very next year. It looked even more unlikely when he didn't land a coaching job at all, and went to Indiana as the Director of Basketball Operations. But, he found himself on the bench, and then found himself the only guy who wasn't tainted by the scandal, and he'll coach the Hoosiers for the rest of the season.

My initial reaction was that this was a great opportunity for him, but we know learn that six of the players skipped his first practice. If he can put the team back together, and make any kind of run, I think he at least positions himself to return to head coaching next year. But, if the team splinters, perhaps not.

Nonetheless, the sight of DD prowling the Big 10 sidelines this winter has got to shock any Falcon fan, no matter how bizarre the circumstances.

I'm rooting for him.


tony said...

Word from Bloomington is that the players were given an afternoon to get their thoughts together given the whirlwind of whatever that blew through. To some, that meant skipping practice. Their performance at Northwestern Saturday should speak volumes more than a missed practice on Friday.

Of course, Northwestern is a team they can probably sleepwalk over for a win, too.

Orange said...

Yeah, they all showed up and I think they did sleepwalk over Northwestern. I'm still rooting for him.