Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Falcon Guard Moon Robinson to leave program

In what is expected to be the first of mulitple departures from the BGSU program, Moon Robinson is leaving. A defensive minded PG with few offensive skills, he still contributed useful minutes last year and would have next year. Even with Ryan Sims coming in, this represents a loss. Beyond the on the court angle, what does it say to quality recruits to have players continue to leave?

Stephen Wright--Productive player, left prior to his senior season.
Ron Lewis--Two productive seasons, no junior year.
Raheem Moss--26 games, two starts, 66 career points, left program.

Chris Hobson, 28 games, 51 points, left program.
Austin Montgomery 56 games, 189 points, transferring.
Reggie Harwell--Nada.
Matt Lefeld--45 games, 52 points. Still in program.
Isaac Rosefelt--24 minutes, two points. Left Program.


Scott Vandermeer, 60 points and 40 fouls. Transferring.
Moon Robinson, Left program after sophomore season.
Mawel Soler, completed eligibility. Effective player, even good in spots.


Jeremy Holland--left program after one practice
Nick Wilson--left program without playing a game.
Lionel Sullivan--eligibility redshirt.
Dusan--Still in program
Erick Marschall--appears to be legit.
Daryl Clements--didn't see much action. People seem to think he could be good.
Brian Moten--high credentials, didn't produce much and seemed lost. Still here.
Martin Samarco--2nd team All-MAC, legit D1 player.

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