Monday, January 02, 2006

Falcon Seniors--A look back

The UT game marked the final home appearance for 19 seniors who have posted a MAC best 35-14 record in their four years. This is simply a great group of players. They say you cannot evaluate a recruiting class until senior day, this is an amazing group. Let's go down and look individually at each.

Those playing in their final home game include:

linebacker Tim Arnold (Clinton, Md.)

Tim Arnold was a DB for most of his time at BG who was expected to step forward when our Mike Malone and Jason Morton graduated a couple years ago, which he never really did. He only played in 8 games last season, for example. Our shortages at LB caused him to be moved to LB this season, where he seemed to do an admirable job. He was in on 58 tackles this year, with six for loss. In high school he was all-state.

linebacker Aaron Burkart (Columbus)

Never a factor. Played in two games this season, played in all of them a couple years ago. Given our lack of depth at LB, the fact he never got in shows where this ended up. (Walk On).

defensive back Mike Crumpler (Mitchellville, Md.)

Mike Crumpler was also supposed to be one of our new safeties when Morton and Malone graduated, but it never happened. In fact, they ended up moving Mayberry to S to try and shore up that position.

defensive lineman Monte Cooley (Cartersville, Georgia)

A strong performer who played every game for three seasons. Not a star, but a solid player.

offensive lineman Jon Culp (Mason)

Ended up starting this season, struggled a little, but still part of a strong Falcon Oline unit.

punter/kicker Nate Fry (Findlay)

Much maligned, but took blame for poor execution in our punt game. A quality punter who was forced into duty as a kicker, which was not his forte. Actually, he had a very good senior year punting.

linebacker Jamien Johnson (Ft. Washington, Md.)

Solid player, was projected to contribute during his senior season, but was not healthy near the end of the year.

defensive back Jelani Jordan (Atlanta)

Much malinged, stepped in and played as a True Fr. Really maligned during MACC debacle vs. Big Ben. Led the team in INTs his senior year. For my money, he was always underrated. CBs get burnt, you have to expect it, so you can't evaluate a player by pointing out the times he gets burnt. He may be making the play on dozens of other plays you don't notice. He always has a nose for the ball.

running back B.J. Lane (Ft. Washington, Md.)

Maybe the best backup RB we've had, but when PJ went down he showed he wasn't as good as PJ was. Nonetheless, a great recruit and Falcon who had an outstanding career.

wide receiver Derrick Lett (Pensacola, Fla.)

Many opportunities, passed on the depth chart many times.

defensive back Terrill Mayberry (Farmington Hills, Mich.)

Also a great performed who steadily improved over time. Also All-MAC academic. Moved to safety for his senior year and held his own.

defensive back John Nicholson (Bolingbrook, Ill.)

Another guy who never really broke into the regular lineup despite being at a need position.

linebacker Teddy Piepkow (Clark Lake, Mich.)

Excellent career in the Falcon Haneline/Hewitt LB mold. Made some big plays this year--made great INT vs. Marshall. First rate defensive player.

running back P.J. Pope (Fairfield, Ohio)

Injuries marred senior season, but PJ had a great career. One of our best RBs ever, and quite possibly our best dual-threat RB. Had he been healthy this year, things would have been very different. A first rate recruit and player.

wide receiver Steve Sanders (Cleveland)

What can you say? Great receiver, red zone threat, emotional leader. A great recruit for the Falcons.

wide receiver Charles Sharon (Palatka, Fla.)

Even more of what can you say? Team MVP his senior year, go to guy, tough as nails, circus acrobat in the air. A great recruit for our program.

defensive lineman Mike Thaler (Cincinnati)

Also a major contributor, academic All-MAC, and a great Falcon.

kicker Joe Timchenko (Glendora, Calif.)

This isn't really fair. Joe wasn't the guy

offensive lineman Rob Warren (Mentor)

Another great performer, All-MAC, anchor of a good line. Great recruit and player.

Its been five weeks since the season ended, and doing this has been all the more depressing. This team had too much senior talent to be 6-5. An absolute tragedy.

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